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Emerson Community charter School Bill of rights


bill of rights


As part of our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support and Intervention policy, Emerson has instituted a School Bill of Rights. It is our wish that all stake holders (parents, students, teachers, staff, and community) share in the creation of an educational environment that develops the whole person, not only students, but adults as well.  Below is a summary of how Emerson interprets these ideas. 

For more information follow the link to Foundation Discipline Policy Home Page


We the Emerson Community Charter Members, Have The Right To:

  1.   …Learn and Teach In a Safe and Nurturing Environment
    1. Emerson's ideal educational environment fosters appropriate behaviors and actions to facilitate learning and teaching.  Students are on time and prepared for class.  They attend to the teacher and the lesson for the day. The lessons are aligned with the common core standards and constructed to meet the diverse needs of our student population.  Nurturing  means that the teachers, students, and the physical space promote growth and development in an environment where students and teachers feel comfortable and welcome
  2.  … Equal Opportunity
    1. Emerson's is obligated to place students in the appropriate classes and not limit them based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender.  The school will, to the best of its ability, offer a diverse and stimulating curriculum. It is the students responsibility to conduct themselves in such a way that no individuals are prevented from being fully engaged in the learning process.  This is expected for classroom and non-classroom situations.
  3. … Do Our Personal and Professional Best
    1. Both students and teachers are professionals who give their best effort at all times.  Students and teachers need to continue to grow in their personal and professional lives and be life-long learners.
  4. … Question With Respect and Answer With Integrity
    1. Students and teachers have the right to ask questions of each other and to expect to be answered truthfully and thoughtfully.  If one or the other does not know and answer they will follow-up to the best of their ability.
  5. … Respect and to Be Respected
    1. Both teachers and students have the right to be treated with respect and civility. The school community will advocate for a culture of empathy and understanding. The idea and concept of respect extends beyond our person but to the physical plant as well.


Panther Pride Certificates

Panther Pride Certificates allows all staff to recognize students who have upheld the School Bill of Rights. Certificates are given to students from a staff member and turned into the Student Services Offices (SSO).  We draw 5 certificates each week for recognition. 

Panther Pride Certificate 2016 17v.1pdf