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Parent Checklist

Please complete ALL forms by using the links below.

Parent participation is key for a successful school year!


Complete the School Lunch Application 

(parents who don't qualify are required to complete a very short version)

Parent Portal and Schoology

Device & Connectivity Request Form is required for students to use electronic devices and their district email. Your Parent Portal username and password is required.

The Publicity Release Form allows your student to participate in online activities and projects that are sometimes open to the public.

Step 1: A volunteer can access the online registration process and application at

Step 2: Volunteers are now required to submit proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination in the LAUSD Daily Pass -

Step 3: TB Test

  • Returning volunteers, please contact to verify that your TB test is valid.  TB clearance for continuing volunteer is valid for a period of up to four years.
  • TB test results for new LAUSD volunteers are valid for up to 60 days prior to starting volunteer services. Example: Today is 8/19/22.  TB test dated prior to 06/20/22 is not valid and will not be accepted.

Step 4: Please print the volunteer application, the volunteer commitment form, and submit to me in the Main Office along with your TB TEST.  Returning volunteers if you have spoken with me regarding your TB Test, please submit the volunteer application and volunteer commitment form to me in the main office.  

 Step 5: Fingerprinting- Volunteer candidates who volunteer for 16 hours or more, chaperone overnight trips, and coach after school athletic events must be fingerprinted through LAUSD. Volunteer applicants need to be fingerprinted only once during their volunteer service. However, if the volunteer ceases to volunteer for a period of two years or longer, a new fingerprint clearance is required. Volunteers may choose to make their own appointment for fingerprinting through LAUSD-contracted fingerprint sites by visiting and carefully follow the prompts to set up an appointment.

 Please Note:   Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted. Please turn in the application in person to me in the Main Office, emailed documents will not be accepted. Application will not be approved until steps are completed.  Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at 310-234-3100.